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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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Hi Bruni,

Sorry it has taken me awhile to give you an update on me.

After our session, I came out feeling fantastic! I had never felt so free and anxiety free..its amazing!! It has not taken ALL the anxiety away, but most of it. I feel like a new person – like the weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I have also referred quite a few people to you as well, including my chiropractor and a few friends.

I am so glad that I found you on the Internet and made an appointment.

I feel like I now have the motivation to get things done, which means I am always busy J

(name here) had his first day at day care last week and I wasn’t worried at all – of course I missed him, but  I didn’t have all those silly ideas that bad things would happen!

I would just like to thank you for helping me out when I needed it.

I would like to make another appointment to look at the other issues we didn’t get to deal with, but I might leave it a month or so, when I have more money J


To this day I feel like the session we had was like a "spring clean" for me, to help get rid of all the negative thoughts and feelings that I'd been holding onto all this time.

So I wanted to say thank you for helping me help myself.


Thank you so much for our session last night.  I feel like a different person already, (name here) noticed the difference as soon as we left your house.

I hope it stays that way and gets better - as I’m sure it will.  I am thinking positive always and I feel as though I couldn't be negative or have negative thoughts even if I wanted to.  Which is fine by me !


So nice of you to think of me.  Thank you, I am doing very well as I employ the techniques you taught me everyday.  One of the most effective things was to just say "delete" whenever I started to think negatively.  Now I am always positive and if a negative thought comes my way I dismiss it quickly.

I have been pleasantly surprised with how effective it all has been.

Thanks again for thinking of me.


“Since seeing you on Friday I have been feeling so much happier, thanks for getting me back on track.  I modified the "What’s in a name" to include action to get where I want to be.  Once again   THANK YOU.”


Hi Bruni

I most certainly do feel a difference and I cannot thank you enough. I am pushing myself a lot to get out and drive by myself and do things where I used to get panic before. There is very little panic, if any! I will be in touch very soon.


(Name here)


I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeling much better these last couple of days, so am thinking of leaving my appointment for another couple of weeks if that is ok with you.  Perhaps I just needed some time to “adjust” to my new thought patterns.  Whatever it feels so much better and my sleeping has improved...  

e-hugs, SJ



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