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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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I thank you for all the help you've shown me I can't say you you did it for me because I now see that only I could do it myself but you have helped me a lot so thank you.

I also would like to make another appointment I'm not sure what day just yet, as I'm booking my tickets to go back to Perth tomorrow.  I'm going to be going either next Wednesday or Thursday so would you be able to fit me in for one last session as I feel it would seal everything I've worked on and I'd be a lot more confident with one more session. Thanks once again....


Just letting you know I have passed your phone number on to a friend of mine (Name here).  She may give you a call about her son.  I was telling her how you did a wonderful job with (Name here) and I think that she may be considering contacting you for him (he has anger management issues, flies off the handle quickly).


(Name here) has been wonderful, he is happy, motivated, he has been, he was quite social in (Place here) and since coming back is going out, meeting people, he went speed dating last Saturday, no luck, but came back with a positive attitude and just enjoyed the night out.  I asked him to register with an introduction agency to explore this avenue... he has been really good.  Thank you again, I can't tell you how much a relief and pleasure it is to see him happy again.….

The young man mentioned above has since married and is now a happy father with his own business.

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Whilst names and emails are supplied when writing to me - these are omitted here for confidentiality reasons.

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