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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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- Mayan Calendar -

Is this true?  I am not clever enough to have worked it out.  Yes, I do know that our attitude and thinking brings us our reality, but ZI will leave it to you to decide your thinking when you view this documentary.  … Bruni

Why am I posting this?  Many people had been fearful that the world would end.  Be destroyed by some huge blow-up via a meteorite crashing on to earth... or huge tsunami. earthquake or the like...  FEAR!  We are all prone to it one way or another, some more then others.  Many meanings have been put on to the Mayan calendar that ended on the 12/12/2012.  Some people also reading and transcribing meanings from crop circles...

The documentary tells us that all is good... The Elites and the Powerful who have been running the world by keeping the masses under control through fear and keeping them poor while they themselves amass their fortunes - they are realising that they are losing their control - they are the terrorists that plunder the world.  However, thoughts are powerful and cause their own magnetic fields, and we have been the creator of these things through our own thinking.

Consciousness releases mental energy.  We go inside and build it and we are coming into an area where we awaken and take responsibility.

If you love yourself - you feel better in yourself.  If you loathe yourself - you hate yourself.  Why do you want to do that?  Why do you want to be miserable... Why do you want to feel bad...

Love is always correcting the error.  What the 12/12/2012 was doing, through the alignment of the planets over centuries that move the same as we move around other planets, have now aligned at this time to create an awakening.  We have been sleeping - but we have turned the corner from the dark ages.

You can listen to the full documentary -  click here...  

By Brave Archer Films - The 2012 Crossing Over – A New Beginning - starring;

They say that we are coming into the age of enlightenment which will create peace and harmony through love.

These views are the views of the documentary speakers - are they right?  I do not have the knowledge to give an informed opinion, and post it here for the interest to the reader and for the possibilities for our future that it generates.  Bruni

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