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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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Like all smokers I had tried to give up and failed.  My reason for giving up were 1. Cost, 2. It had become sociably   inconvenient.

For me it was certainly an addiction, but as well I enjoyed smoking and probably still would today.  Scare tactics of the medical profession played no part in my decisions as I detest interference in my life by politically correct holier than thou individuals.

My wife suggested hypnotherapy which I did not exactly ridicule but it was the butt of quite a few jokes.  My social secretary (wife) made an appointment with Bruni Brewin which I dutifully attended and had an enjoyable chat for about an hour.  I have no recollection of being hypnotised but I have not smoked since, this after smoking for the previous fourty  years.

If all problems were solved as easy as this, I would have nothing to whine about and I enjoy whining, so I will continue to do so until it becomes socially unacceptable too....


Then I had too see a Doctor who told me if I didn't stop I would have to carry an oxygen tank with me at all times.  It is so hard to believe that it was ten years ago now.
I remember my family would watch me, as literally coughed and spluttered each morning. They would beg me to stop as they wanted me around to see the grand children grow.
They didn't want to bury me as they had their father. He died as a direct link of a heavy smoker, they where were always reminding me.
I must thank you as I am here today to see my whole family and as a result of giving up with your help I couldn't have done it alone.
Today I am in good health I have no signs of a cough or lung disease which was starting to develop before you hypnotised me....  *note - at contact December 2012, this client has now been a non-smoker for 16 years.


“I looked up your number to give to a friend of mine.  Quite a few people I know have been to see you and said how you helped them.   I couldn’t get over the change of my friend in just one session, so I thought I would come and see you about my marijuana problem.”  I couldn’t believe that it would work in one session, but it did! WOW! I am impressed!  Thanks a lot...


Hi Bruni


I just wanted to let you know that I haven't had a cigarette since I had an appointment with you last Friday. It has now been over a week that I have been a non smoker, despite my grandmother passing away the next morning. I have had a very sad and difficult week, a true test to my choice to become a non smoker, which I thought would have been more difficult under the circumstances. It hasn't been much of a test. I choose to be a non smoker - simple. Thank you so much.


I would like you to email me a copy of that chart you had about the negative critical parent etc.


Much appreciated,



Hi Bruni, Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you so much for how much you have helped me quit smoking. 2yrs & 8months ago I was a pack aday smoker, just 21 yrs old. I had been smoking since I was 14. I really wanted to quit and never managed to do it cold turkey and I did not want to take medications from the GP. 1 session with you I walked out feeling no different to the point I thought ooops Ive just wasted my money but even going out that night with friends who all smoked I've never had the craving again. I cannot thank you enough. Kind regards K...


Hi Bruni,

Thanks for your email.

I am glad to announce 100% success!

I have not smoked since we spoke and I am feeling so much better for it.

Thanks once again for your help

Best wishes


Hi Bruni, well I'm pleased to say I've not picked up a smoke at all since seeing you nor do I want to from a 60 per Day smoker to nil.   I'm doing great feel great and am of mind that I never will again. I've few friends I've said they should come see you. Will keep you posted on my progress. Big thanks again xxxxx. lH


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