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Cds for Children is a new service that will be expanded on.

The Cds are formulated to create wellness changes and release habit patterns.  This is done via a story that is played to the child repetitively - at bedtime is a good time.

All stories come with an e-book that has the wording of the CD and a trigger card that is imbedded both within the story and within the CD.  Children are instructed to touch the trigger card outside of hypnosis that will act as a *Post-hypnotic suggestion for change.  (*A Post-hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion given during hypnosis to be executed at any time after the hypnosis session.)

‘S’ and The Super Bugs - A story to facilitate subconscious change for Gut problems.
Drizabed WakeUp - A story to facilitate subconscious changes to stop wetting the bed.

The Habit of Thumble - A story to facilitate subconscious changes to stop sucking the thumb.

Scaredy Cat -  A story to facilitate subconscious changes for Anxiety and Fear

Note*  e-books do not come with these Cds - but you will get a pdf story hand-out so that you can read the story as well as play the CD.

Cost of the CDs are $A15:00

- CDs for Children -

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