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Alcohol CD



- Alcohol CD -

If all drinkers limited themselves to one or two drinks a day we probably wouldn’t need as many cardiologists, liver and kidney specialists, mental health professions and substance abuse counsellor.  But not everyone who likes to drink alcohol strops at just one or two, or even four on special occasions.  

Problem drinking affects not just the drinkers themselves, but may touch their families, friends and communities.

Whatever the reason is that you drink, if you are now at a stage where you think it is time to put this aside or limit your intake, then this CD may be able to help you do just that.  If it doesn’t, why not book a -  Skype session - to get a more personal session focused directly at your problem and eliminating the reason for this.

In a deep state of relaxation you will be making changes in your subconscious mind and through the use of Energy Therapy and your trigger it will help you take back your control.

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