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CDs for Children is a new service that will be expanded on.  

The Cds are formulated to create wellness changes and release habit patterns.  This is done via a story that is played to the child repetitively - [before bedtime is a good time].

All stories come with a pdf print-out that has the wording of the CD and trigger card that is imbedded both within the story and within the CD. Children are instructed to touch the trigger card outside of hypnosis that will act as a *post-hypnotic suggestion for change.  

(*Post-Hypnotic Suggestion is a suggestion given during hypnosis to be executed at any time after the hypnosis session.)

'S' and The Super-Bugs - A story to facilitate subconscious change for Gut problems, IBS, Celiac, Crohn’s.

The journey of ‘S’ and with help of the Super-Bugs changes the Haywire Bacteria into being friendly and helping to keep that going with the aid of the Super-Bug card that continues the healing.

'S' and The Super-Bugs



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- 'S' and The Super Bugs -

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