1) Look at the spiral.

2) Then clasp your hands together.

    Keep looking at the spiral...

3) Now put your mind to your fingers on the outside of your hands.

4) Feel your fingers tightening around the outside of your hands.        Tighter and Tighter...

5) When your fingers feel so tight that if you tried to pull them            apart, you just would not be able to do so -

6) Try to pull them apart and you will find that they just won’t              seperate.

When you are ready to let go, just remove your eyes from the spiral - as you do this feel your fingers relaxing - relaxing more and more... And then they will pull apart.


If at the first try it hasn’t worked for you, do it again and really concentrate on step 4), and make sure that you don’t try to pull your fingers apart until you feel the feelings in step 5).

Hand Clasping

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