What I would like you to do is to look at the 4 dots on the picture (the ones in a straight line underneath each other).  Let’s imagine for a moment that the four dots represent a fear that we have.  When we keep looking at our fear (our 4 dots), we see a different picture to other people who don’t have this same fear. (We pay very little attention to things that don’t cause us concern.)  To others, if this fear doesn’t concern them,  they don’t keep looking at the fear (the 4 dots) like we do, and so they see a different picture, like the picture that you see below.  But see how that changes when you keep looking only at the 4 dots.

So, now look at the 4 dots for 30 seconds.  Just slowly count to 30…. 1...and 2…..and 3 etc. till you get to 30.  

Make sure that you look only at the four dots on the picture, not the rest of the picture.

Then blink your eyes and then put your cursor over the picture and wait for a few seconds and see what happens.  See how you see the picture differently.

The 4 Dots Face Changer

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