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 Therapy in the hypnosis trance state

Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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Problems come in two packages -

Habits through continual repetition that have now become entrenched and difficult to break, and/or...

A negative happening that we are unable to release from our mind and body, one that we may even feel we have dealt with because it was that long ago.

If we have problems releasing a habit, say such as smoking or weight, there could be a possibility that it is now helping you cope with a past negative happening.

I check whilst you are in hypnosis those things in your history that they no longer affect you. If not, then my motto is, “If it isn’t broke, we don’t fix it!

The session comprises of the following:

COUNSELLING about your history and the issue you want help with

EXPLANATION about hypnosis, expectations and other therapies that may be relevant to your issue

MAKING A CONTRACT with you about what you want me to achieve for you and what we decide to do to make that happen

HYPNOTHERAPY taking you into the relaxed lowered brainwave state of hypnotherapy

RELEASING YOUR ISSUE and bringing you out of hypnosis



If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by email to ask.

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If you feel that you are too far away to come and see me - why not consider booking a SKYPE session - go here...

- How I deal with issues -

  I ask all my clients to bring with them a history of their    background -

  How was their upbringing - loving, controlling, abusive    (psychological or  physical) etc.?

  Do you, or did your parents have issues - Anger, Alcohol or    Gambling problems?

  What was school like - were you bullied, made to feel    embarrassed etc.?

   Did you undergo any child sexual abuse (or rape when     older)?

   Have you ever had any injury or accident?

   Have you experienced trauma of any sort - hold up,      found out your spouse cheated on you, your parent(s)      died, had a miscarriage etc.?

    Do you suffer from eating disorder such as      bulimia/anorexia, depression, migraine headaches,      insomnia, irritable Bowel syndrome, finger nail biting,      asthma, psoriasis, etc.?

    Are you on medication - what sort, what for, how long?

    Do you have any side effects from these?

     Anything Else?

Client History

You may think some of these questions are personal, especially if you are coming to see me to stop a habit such as smoking.

Here is why I ask these questions: