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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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- Hypnosis Info -

         Professor Peter Whorwell, Gastroenterologist who heads the only NHS-funded

              hypnotherapy centre in Britain, (which has been pioneering the therapy as a treatment

               of irritable bowel syndrome) says;

“One of the problems is the name. If we started off again with a name like neuromodulation, for example, it would be more readily accepted. The name hypnotism has so much baggage attached. Cognitive behavioural therapy is now reasonably well accepted, and so, too, is psychotherapy, but of the three, I would say hypnotism is potentially the most powerful. It is becoming a treatment of choice for IBS.

When I am dead and gone, people are going to suddenly realise that hypnotism is an incredibly powerful tool and question why it has been ignored for so long *

So what is Hypnosis?  

The Left Brain:

We have a left brain whose function it is to use Willpower, Rational and Analytical thinking so that you can action this to achieve your outcome.   That’s fine as long as you don’t set up a conflict with what your right brain thinks.

The Right Brain:

The right brain works differently.  The right brain doesn’t analyse what others say it can or can’t do.  The right brain doesn’t need to rationalise or use willpower - it works on feelings and emotions.  Whilst for example research tells us that it takes 7-10 days for the chemicals of cigarettes to leave the body, or 3 to 4 months for Marijuana/Pot to leave the body, analytically we might assume this will be a problem... In hypnosis, we can ask the right brain to release these chemicals under awareness from the conscious feelings, as well as the connections to when you usually smoke, and come out feeling like a non-smoker at the end of the session.  

The same can be said for food, alcohol or gambling.  All things that our left brain analyses as being too hard to release.  Often the left brain has endeavoured to use willpower and not succeeded and hence believes this is a hard thing to do.  The right brain doesn’t have such problems.  It can put in full up feelings when you have had enough to eat.  In alcohol we often use it as a band aid to cope with our stresses in life.  Release the stress, and ask your subconscious to put in a stopper after a couple of drinks which will seem sufficient now.  

Find out the real reason for gambling, release the trigger and the right brain can make the changes from being a gambler to being a non-gambler.  Have stress and anxiety, or panic attacks from some happening in your life, and I can work with your subconscious to release these feelings - even from as far back as childhood.

The right brain doesn’t evaluate whether it can or can’t, it works on feelings and emotions - it can just put things into place.  If it doesn’t, there is usually a very good reason that I/You haven’t yet worked through.

In hypnotherapy, patients are helped by the therapist to reach what's described as a relaxed state of consciousness, like being absorbed in a good book. Therapists may start by describing images that create a sense of security and well-being. They may then suggest ways of achieving specific goals, releasing feelings and emotions from a negative happening in their lives, or releasing addictions.  

You don’t have to be a deep hypnosis subject to achieve most things, i.e. Smoking.. Weight... Insomnia... Anxiety... Panic... etc.  But if you wanted to achieve pain control from an injury, or you need root canal work without an anaesthetic, then if you are not able to go deeply into hypnosis, you may need to learn self hypnosis so I can

teach you how to go to a deeper state where you can put your mind elsewhere, to make that happen so you don;t feel any pain.

You can read more information - just click on the links above - or on other hypnotherapy pages in general by browsing this site.

Like to read a research article on the ‘The Unconscious Mind’?  Click here

Stage Hypnosis is not Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy requires that the therapist has the knowledge and skills to create therapeutic changes in the hypnotic trance state. Many see it as the mind being taken over by the hypnotist and loss of control, which is completely wrong. Don’t go expecting me to make you cluck like a chicken, that is not what I do - I am here to make changes with you so that you can look forward to having a healthy and happy life.

Your Own Health Insurance.  

Health is my and your responsibility.  And to prevent ill health is more important than waiting until you are ill and then trying to get help to get over your illness.  I stopped smoking when I knew even though I only got bronchitis once a year - it was harder to get rid of each year.  That is the Universe giving me a nudge, telling me that something needs my attention.  Giving up the smoking habit was the best thing I ever did for my health [Now some 30 years ago].

Health Funds.

After all you have read above, it makes you wonder why some Health Funds are not offering that therapy in their cover in their policies, and those that did cover hypnosis are now taking it off their newer policies or send you off to psychologist that use cognitive behaviour therapy or may have little training in hypnotherapy.


Check if your health fund covers you for hypnotherapy.   Remember that they are only insurance companies that insure health, and like anything you buy, you can write them a letter and complain and chop around for the best deal.

Medical Support.

To assist you with relaxation, pain management, ceasing smoking, releasing weight, fear and anxiety gives your immune system the edge on getting well.  Don’t forget to eat the right food as well, and only have a couple of glasses of drink, your liver and kidney will thank you and you won’t pile on the weight.   You only need 1X4 minutes exercise three times a week to be healthy, or 4X4 + minutes exercise a week to be healthy and lose weight-  Ask me how.

Something else you wish to know?  Don’t hesitate to ask me.  Click here

You can download the form you will need to fill in on your first session from my ‘Book Now’ page and make a booking at the same time.  Sessions go for 2 hours and will cost you $150.00  A small price to pay for your health and future.

                                                       Warm wishes, Bruni

Client Testimonial...

My deepest gratitude for your spiritual guidance. The universe works in mysterious ways - when you let go of ego, fear and attachments, it gives back many times in return. From a dark place at bottom of the pit, to the space of unlimited possibilities.


For my spiritual evolution and personal growth to come, Thank You.

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*Cited from the article: Hypnotism: It's all in the mind, by Roger Dobson

   Prof. Peter Whorwell

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Why Should Hypnosis Be Able To Help You?

Hypnotherapy is therapy in the hypnosis trance state...

Yes, Hypnotherapy works.  It has withstood the test of time.  In the early days people didn’t understand how it worked - but it did (even though it may have been attributed to the wrong reasons).

There is plenty of scientific research around now that shows that hypnotherapy works and it makes one wonder why it isn’t used more by traditional medicine using professional people that know how to effect change.   ‘People Power’ will eventually make that happen.