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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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- Hypnosis General -

In business there is a saying “Your business is only ever as good as your employee”.

Whether you own a business or not, you are the most important business that you will ever have in your life.

Who you are, will determine how well you are able to achieve and cope in life.  Money is no good to you without health.

Our mind is very powerful, it can achieve amazing things - but only if we both believe we can make it happen.  It is my job to show you how powerful your mind is and to help you make the changes.

Our mind is very powerful, it can achieve amazing things - but only if we both believe we can make it happen.  It is my job to show you how powerful your mind is and to help you make the changes.

The u-tube video demonstrated below shows you how powerful the mind can be - click on the picture to view it.  

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My business is to get you to feel good about yourself and assist you on your journey to growth and progress, feeling motivated, healthy and happy.  To help you to overcome any resistance in your life that is stopping you from achieving the results you want in your life.  Being in control of your life - rather than life controlling you.

What about False Memories?

Some people get worried about hypnosis implanting false memories.   It is very rarely that a client does not know if something happened to them in the past.  If a client thinks they may have been sexually abused but they have no real memory about this, then they should go to a forensic expert that can video  the session, so that if they decide to take that action further, there is no dispute about implanting a false memory.  There are two conflicting thoughts on either side of the camp. One that there is no such thing as a repressed memory, and the other that there is.  If you are interested in this, you can have a look at the  documentary link below - however, also read the  comments people have put below the documentary.

I personally believe that there are repressed memories, as they have come alight in my sessions, and I am very particular about my language to ensure that I don’t plant a false memory into my clients.  I may have said; “I want you to go back to the very first time that you felt that anxious feeling.”  Is what the client tells me truth?  How do we know for sure so many years later?  What matters is that we release the anxious feeling, and to the client whatever came up is a real concern for them.

How do I release unwanted feelings?

Actually, I don’t - You do!  My training comes in how I am able to guide you to do that.  My years of experience and training has given me the expert knowledge for short-term therapy to assist you.

All emotions are housed in the mind-body and central nervous system.  Either through habit, or a happening, [even from childhood], we store these memories and events in our subconscious. Some of these memories are helpful, others are not.  

Other times it is a case of having a habit for a long time, [like smoking] and you may need help to break the habit.

Either way, if you need to release emotions to feel happy, or help in being able to change - that is what we need to work on.

You might like to start by clicking on the ‘Testimonials’,  to read about what some other people have said about the time they spent together with me to achieve just that.

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My Guarantee:

I am committed to providing you with the highest standard and quality of information to guarantee you will be able to access comprehensive and reliable information to the best of my ability.

I guide you through sharing my knowledge and through assisting you to release unwanted emotions and blocked energy in your life through the use of my training and many years of experience.


Have a browse around the site and click on the various links to find out how I may be able to help you.   Look at the Testimonials - they speak for themselves.  Give me a call to make an appointment to assist you, your friends or your business and start your journey on the road to success.

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Feel free to ask any specific queries you have, and I will  get back to you.  

Sincere regards,  Bruni

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