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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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What are the important factors to make a marriage work?

"A two-person relationship requires a two-person solution"


What makes you tick/how did you become who you are?

Dynamics of upbringing

Causation of upbringing

Beliefs and expectancies

A strong sense of commitment to the relationship

Trust and Respect  

What are the ‘Past issues’ you have not dealt with

Sharing responsibility/Realistic and agreed upon expectations of each other  

Money issues  - how will we handle money and budget

Together time/Enjoying and valuing time together

Alone time/pursuing own goals  

Extended Family time/Realistic and agreed upon expectations  

How to deal with disagreeing/conflict/problem solving skills/a willingness to work through it

Effective communication

Nurturing your relationship

Forgiveness/accepting forgiveness

shared important ethics and boundaries  


A satisfying sexual relationship/how often/likes/dislikes

Other issues of importance relevant to each couple.


Wouldn’t it be helpful, that you make a plan so you are one of the couples that enjoy life together?

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Marriage Guidance Counselling -

Touching wedding speech by father of the bride