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Bruni Brewin JP

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- The Unseen - Physics - Energy -

And so it is with feelings and emotions, and the energy inside our body.

Whilst fMRI imaging is able to see the brain light up in certain areas in the brain and medical specialists have given parts of the brain areas of what happens in that part of the brain.  It doesn’t know what causes that to happen.  So for example, we are able to know that when somebody has an addiction - let’s say smoking for example... When a person smokes, the reward system lights up in the brain.  However, the same reward system also lights up if you have an addiction to gambling, or drinking, or drug taking - I would surmise that it would even light up if you enjoyed sex.  The reasons that cause the reward system to light up can be numerous.  So whilst one person might drink too much because he or she has stress in their lives - for another person it can be that they are bored or anxious or had an unhappy childhood.  The feeling and emotion is the part of us that causes the ‘symptom’, and the symptom is trying to satisfy a ‘cause’.  But you can’t see the reason - the reason has created the energy inside you, that lead to making you feel the way you feel.

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