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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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Wanted!  25-30 people who would like to attend a workshop on memory and concentration.  

Must be willing to be videoed as this will be used as a training video after the event.  

You will gain the benefit of learning different ways to use your memory through the use of pegging systems.  This is a fun workshop with information to benefit everyone.  The outcome will have you able to tell me 10 items from memory in whatever order I ask you to give them to me.

A volunteer will be requested from the workshop participants that feel they have a problem remembering after the PowerPoint presentation to show how this information is helpful in releasing early beliefs that have prevented optimum memory retention.

Cost?  I am looking for a free venue - will let you know how I go.

If not, to help cover cost of venue, plus coffee, tea and biscuits:

25 people - $10 ea

30 people - $6:50 ea   

Bring along a friend to help with lowering costs.

Venue to be advised - Bargo or Campbelltown

My time?  FREE +  video of the event.

Who should attend?

General Public

High School Students

University Students

Doctors - Nurses

School Counsellors

Therapists in private practice - hypnosis and Counselling

Your Presenter -

Bruni Brewin JP - President Emeritus, Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Video & General Set-up -

Evan Yuile

Novarto Technologies

Please advise your interest by contacting me >>   here…

- wanted -