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Bruni Brewin JP

Australian Hypnotherapists Association -

President Emeritus – AHA (Life)

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- Weight -

See ‘Hypnosis Info’ here...

The basics of my therapy to assist you to release weight through hypnotherapy  -

†   Teach you how to use your mind to lose weight.

†    Work with your subconscious to lose the right weight for you.

†   Release feelings and emotions that stop you from releasing weight.

†   Up-front counselling to talk about your issues and the various methods of releasing

    weight, that will include...

†   Putting in a full-up feeling when your body has had enough to eat for a fit and healthy

    Body and releases the urge to eat more than that.

†   Share with you and tell you what will assist you to lose weight without it seeming a


†   Motivate your at a subconscious level to make these changes and do what it takes.

Your subconscious mind can go through -

Your own hypnosis gastric banding…  [Doesn’t work for everyone] Alternate methods available - don’t worry!

No surgery...

No side effects...

Motivation to exercise…  

Daily Mail UK Report on Gastric Banding hypnosis therapy - click here

Exercising while you sleep...

Suzie Gibbs had seen her weight balloon to 14st 7lb following years of avoiding the gym and a succession of failed diets.  This method helped Suzie lose a stone in a month and eventually drop from a size 22 to a 14.

Daily Mail Australia report on Exercising while you sleep hypnosis therapy - click here

Learning to unzip the Fat Suit -

Trish Walker was 24st 7lbs at her heaviest.  She lost half of her body weight in 18 months.

Trish was about to have gastric band fitted when she opted for hypnotherapy.  The therapy Trish used was by

Therapist Maggie Wilde who developed CPR (control, program, rewire) method.  CPR involves tapping on points on the body to change thoughts.  Trish now weighs 12st 3lbs and exercises daily.  The CPR uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping points which focus on feeling full up, motivated to exercise etc.

Daily Mail UK report on Unzip The Fat Suit therapy - click here

Asking your subconscious to eat, enjoy and evaluate if that was too much -

Squeezing a ball in hypnosis when you have eaten the right amount so you feel full up, through repetition in the session and asking your subconscious to do that so you feel the full up feeling (normally it takes half an hour for your full-up feeling to reach your brain), is just as powerful as any of the above.  You are using your own innate wisdom to create the change.

What Else?

There are many different ways you can use your mind in Hypnotherapy to achieve weight loss - client focused hypnotherapy means just that - we focus on what is needed for you to achieve your results.

Have you been a Yo-Yo Dieter?  Don’t worry, that is not unusual.

Research shows that weight loss from dieting as a rule of thumb does not work, statistics show -

Within 5 years you will likely have gained all back plus more...

Willpower alone is unlikely to permanently overcome your subconscious habits and belief systems if they are deeply entrenched and serve a purpose...

Trim - Slim - Fit ... Your way!  

It should happen easily and effortlessly -  or something isn’t working!

Is this you?

Short-term solutions

don’t work long-term...

     Why is it difficult to lose weight?

     We don’t want to change our habits.

     We like the food we eat...

     We like the quantity of food we eat...

     We just like eating...

     Eating is nurturing yourself.

      We eat when we are emotional or feeling hurt...

      We eat when we are feeling depressed...

      We eat when we are bored...

      We eat when we are celebrating...

      Health issues or the Results of medication we are on can also

      play a part...

      Other reasons...

How successful is weight loss using Hypnosis?

How do I deal with this issue in Hypnosis?

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