Your therapist is Bruni Brewin, Life Member and President Emeritus of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association

The medical staff in my logo indicates that my business benefits your health and wellness.

The acronym BBB stands for Bruni’s Business Benefits. I can tell you right up front and with certainty that you are going to be the biggest business you will ever have in your lifetime.  No matter how rich you are, how poor you are, what cards fate has dealt you with in this life, you are the only one that can do the work to release negative feelings and emotions from past happenings in your life, which in turn changes how you feel both emotional and physically. You may not know how to do that, but that’s where I come in.

“With my many years in practice, clients have taught me a lot – things you can’t get out of a text book.  4 years as National Secretary and 9 years as National President of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and now President Emeritus, shows my commitment to the profession, which I will continue to promote for the benefits of a powerful, natural and drug-free way of helping clients to find answers to their problems.

Hi, my name is Bruni Brewin.

I am a Clinical Member, Life Member and President Emeritus of the Australian Hypnotherapist  Association – also a member of the National Hypnotherapy Register of Australia.

As a therapist I use time proven methods plus newer methods that I have evaluated to work to achieve your outcomes.

If you book with me, you are working with a trained therapist that started her hypnotherapy practice since 1989 with lots of experience gained over the years, someone who has not only worked in their private practice but has also worked in a trauma and pain rehabilitation center, and with children on child sexual abuse and other anxiety issues.  I work with Adult survivors of sexual, physical and psychological abuse that they have not been able to release by conventional methods.

Prefer Counselling only?  Not a problem, I have a Diploma of Individual, Couple and Family Counselling.  I also see couples for Marriage Guidance Counselling.  This can be extremely beneficial for a young couple before they get married to avoid the pitfalls that lead to divorce, in addition to putting things right if you are now having marriage problems.

You can be assured that it is in my best interests to help you achieve your outcome as quickly as possible.  It is not only good for my reputation, but the reason past clients refer contacts to me due to their success.  You can view some of these on the testimonial video’s and those that have been written to me.

This website gives you options to choose what information you want to look at in various ways.  There are links next to the BBBenefits logo, under the main picture, some quick links to the right and anything that may be underligned.  As an example; when you click on health issues, a page will come up with various health issues.  When you click on the issue you want to read about, that will take you to another page where you are able to read about that issue.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare advises that Chronic diseases are the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia, accounting for 90% of all deaths in 2011.  Many different illnesses and health conditions can be classified under the broad heading of chronic disease.  To simplify, chronic disease is often discussed in terms of 4 major disease groups – cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes.  This has 4 common behavioural risk factors – smoking, weight, poor eating habits and harmful use of alcohol.  Between them, these 4 disease groups account for three-quarters of all chronic disease deaths.  Notably, mental health-related issues such as stress, anxiety and depression are not a major cause of death, but they do cause significant ill health and disability in the Australian population. Rates of hospitalisation and death are higher among Indigenous people.

After having a look around the site, hopefully you will decide to make that booking so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to help yourself make changes to become healthy and happy.  Money can’t buy health – so avoiding future ill health is a priority and investment in life.  You will see by some of the, articles, testimonial video’s and written testimonials that show that changes even after a traumatic health event has been able to be changed by hypnosis.

The ‘education site’ will have PowerPoint presentations showing research on different health issues and show a video on a hypnosis technique that I used to release or help with that issue.  It is still in the process of construction and will take some time to go live, so please come back to check things out now and again, or subscribe at the bottom of the page to be kept informed of what’s new on the website, and be automatically sent any new ‘Articles’ as they are being written.

Bringing control and happiness into your life brings health and wellness into your future. That’s what I am all about.

You will find a lot of information on this site that will answer a lot of questions for you, however there is only so much space and so many things that can be put on a website and so you may not have seen just what you are looking for – if that is the case, click on the ‘Contact Details’ and send an email or pick up the phone and ring.  It’s that easy.

Hypnotherapy deals with feelings and emotions so, no matter who you are, what your religion is, or even what your belief system is, feelings and emotions are something that we all have in common.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to be healthy, happy and feel in control of your life.  Yet like most of us you probably only think of yourself when things get bad enough that you have to do something about it.

Sometimes when there are no known emotional issues, symptoms can be due to a physical problem, or even a reaction to some medication you may be taking.  If this is the case, if you haven’t already done so, get yourself checked out with your health practitioner first to check there are no underlying health issues that are causing your feelings and emotions of which you are unaware.

For further information about hypnotherapy and related items, start at the ‘Hypnosis Info’ link here

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