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Every feeling and every emotion you have, releases chemicals inside your brain and body.  If you have happy thoughts, feel calm and contented with who you are and what your situation is, all runs smoothly in your life.  If on the other hand, you feel anxious, fearful or eat, drink, gamble too much or do other harmful things to your body, that too releases chemicals and tension – you feel dis-ease in your body which can and does for many, turn into disease.

It is helpful to know that you are in total control while you are in hypnosis.  You are the one in charge. You don’t feel in control if you don’t trust someone.  It is the same when you watch people on stage shows who are seemingly doing ludicrous things that look out of control.  You worry that this might happen to you.  Hypnotherapy means just that; ‘therapy in the hypnosis trance state’.  You will talk with me and we decide what you want to achieve and show you options of what you can do in hypnosis to make that happen.  I will tell you what happens in hypnosis so we can make things happen for you.  If there is something you would rather not do, we change it to something else that is more acceptable to you to do.

All therapy is confidential, unless you are a danger to yourself or somebody else, then by law a therapist is required to let your doctor or someone else know this so that they keep you safe.  I have never had to do this in my private practice.  All registered and unregistered therapists work under the Department of Health Code of Conduct.  You are able to view that at this link here...

You only have to go to the ‘Testimonial pages’ video’s and written testimonials by clients telling you what their experience was to know how powerful hypnotherapy is to be able to change things for them, and to hear them talk you will know they certainly didn’t feel out of control.   Names and details are changed to respect confidentiality unless permission was granted to use their real name.

Most people would like to have some idea of how long their therapy will take.

People should consider two sessions, one to do the work, another to check all is working as it should be and to reinforce what we achieved in the first session.

Whilst most smokers stop on the first session, sometimes it takes a couple of sessions.  And so it is with everyone.  Just like a doctor cannot give you a guarantee that the medication(s) he gives you will work – if it doesn’t or you have uncomfortable side effects, they will change what they gave you in the first instance.

You can be taught ‘self hypnosis’ which will allow you to do ongoing work on what you wish to achieve.  Booking an additional session, would help you to learn how to do that.

You are probably aware that health fund cover is getting more expensive and are covering less.  When all is said and done, they are an insurance company that insures health.  Some health funds cover members of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, others don’t or only do providing the hypnosis person is also a psychologist.  Psychological and counselling processes are being taught in Government accredited hypnotherapy courses, but it is the knowledge of various hypnotherapeutic techniques that can make the difference to short-term or long-term therapy.  Reading from a script isn’t client-centered hypnotherapy.

BMP therapy – (Body-Mind-Programing – accessing your inner mind) is a program being taught at integrative hospitals and in Corporate business using many tools from past knowledge and scientific discovery.   BMP goes more in depth with forms directing you to set goals and formulate your program for success.  You are able to contact me to set up a workshop for a number of people to teach them this.  There is a book that you can purchase from the ‘Store’ if you want to follow the instructions by yourself

I have co-authored with other hypnotherapists from around the world a book edited by an internationally known and respected trainer, author, Roy Hunter.  The book; The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis – Accessing Divine Wisdom – both the ebook and hard cover version have been released.  When this becomes available, you will be able to purchase the books from the ‘Store’, direct from this website. You can preview the book at this link here:

‘The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis – Accessing Our Higher Power

Other books relevant to education in how others have achieved their own changes will be posted on the ‘Store’, as well as MP3s.

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